Blockbuster Blueprints

By the end of the Real American Hero era, the blueprint concept had become an afterthought. Rather than being printed on the back of the instruction sheet as a dedicated item, some were stuck on the first page and others left off entirely (I’m looking at you, Cobra Rat!)

While it’s a shame to see the idea watered down, I still love the callouts and the craziness of justifying the sometimes sci-fi elements of these vehicles.


  • That is a pretty weak blueprint, but I guess young kids would still get the idea. The effort that Hasbro put into the early blueprints always gave me a feeling that I was learning something about the machines. The more realistic callouts introduced me to Sidewinder & Sparrow missiles and the differences in large caliber cannons.

  • James McFadden

    It really takes you out of the illusion of real blueprints when it actually mentions “Windchill figure.”

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