Big Brawler (India)

Check the original post for all the background on Mr. Brawler. His influence was felt not only in America, but also in India when Funskool produced their own version in 2003. Typical for Funskool figures, the paint scheme is odd, the plastic is cheap and the accessories don’t make any sense. I’ll bet I can still make it fit into my Joe universe…

The Brawling One just wasn’t content to brawl big in the USA, so he made a trip over to India. When he got there, he realized that he’d forgotten to pack enough of his signature tight t-shirts for the trip. He stopped in a local shirt shop in New Delhi, but they were all out of olive drab tees. The only thing on the rack that was tight enough to meet the Brawler’s standards was a yellow and red ringer tee. “I’ll take it, even though it may affect how big I’ll be able to brawl,” he said. “Oh, and can you add some iron-on letters to spell out ARMY on the front–and make sure it’s a serif font.” The store owner, recognizing the awesomeness in his presence, also gave Brawler a new advanced type of backpack that would attach to the wearer’s back without the need for shoulder straps.

As he was walking out of the store, Brawler spotted a ninja toting a large red laser rifle. (What, you didn’t know there were ninjas in India? This is a GI Joe story, they’re everywhere.)  “That laser rifle will go perfectly with my new t-shirt,”  Brawler thought. “And maybe its power will help maintain my brawlingness in his strange new land. I’ll also take the ninja’s katana while I’m at it, even though it’s not brightly colored.” He unleashed a metric ton of brawl on the hapless ninja, claiming the red laser rifle and not-brightly-colored sword for his own.

To be continued…


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