Battleground Art: Mutt & Junkyard

The GI Joe Battleground mobile app was a treasure trove of character art, and it spanned all the various eras of the Real American Hero series. Case in point is this DTC version of Mutt & Junkyard. While I still think the original release of the figure is one of the greats, I also enjoyed seeing another interpretation in the 2000s. He seems like a different character without the signature mustache, but still carries some of the hallmarks that made the first toy interesting. At least he’s still got that classic muzzle.


  • I loved the art in the app. It would be awesome to have all of it in a book.

  • That shoulder holster still seems odd to me. He’s supposed to use his big gloved left had to awkwardly lift the gun up and out. It seems so impractical.

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