B.A.A.T. (1993)

Every collector has his or her own focus, or niche or reason for collecting. There has to be some impetus behind adults buying little plastic toys, right? For some it’s the packaging, for others it’s the storyline and marketing. What keeps me interested in the GI Joe brand, and with toy collecting in general, is just the look. Now I’m not saying that I see my favorite toys as the pinnacles of product design, but it’s usually something about the look that draws me in first, regardless of exposed rivets, bright colors, poor articulation or the like. It’s for this reason that I find myself appreciating the many versions of Joe through the years.

If you ever wondered if Cobra made a stupider robotic soldier than the original BAT, look no further than the Armor Tech version. They’re basically just an auto-pilot shooting machine. Of course that means they wildly fire any which way, and probably take out their fellow Cobras. That cobra Commander, he never worries about the bottom line. Speaking of the Commander, the faceplate I suppose brings to mind the original BAT design, but I also have to wonder if it was designed as an Armor Tech Cobra Commander. The collar also makes me think this would make for a cool space version of old bumper face.

But as a space BAT, it’s a cool concept. It’s strange that the common BAT theme of removable arm pieces isn’t here, especially considering that most of the Armor Tech figures had one missile firing arm. Further evidence that this should be Cobra Commander?

To go for a more ’86 style, I wouldn’t have minded seeing the white bits done up in yellow. Still, it makes for an effective space armored trooper and the limited Armor Tech articulation works in its favor. And I really dig the popped collar. Very 80’s.


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