AVAC (2015)

Normally, I can find something positive to say about pretty much anything I cover here, but I’m having a hard time with AVAC. The parts choice is just too heavily based on 25th anniversary to ignite my interest, and the individual details too recognizable as their original components. I suppose you could call it a Crimson Flashtan. That’s about all I got with this one, folks. He’ll be spending most of his time in the inversely proportional coolness that is the Scythe.

Okay, here’s something positive: there’s some nice painted detail on his rifles.

Tomorrow is the usual Field Report, then I’ll be back with his Cobra compatriot.

AVAC (2015)

AVAC (2015)


  • If you had a bag of body parts and you pieced this guy together, he’d be pretty cool. Or maybe they just took the dated AVAC 25th figure and mashed it with the somewhat dated CG torso because it’s a “CG” jet. Either way, he’s interesting like Franken-Joes can be, but not very exciting. The Flash arms really kill the figure for me. And why didn’t they give him a belt? These modern torsos missing their bits always look off.

  • I just picked up Captain Fasma and this guy reminds me of him

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