Spirit Iron-Knife (2005 Sigma 6)


I’ve said this before, but I think it bears repeating as many times as possible: the Sigma 6 years of GI Joe get undeserved short shrift. The common excuse for entertainments that fail often revolve around either the public at large not “getting it” or the product being ahead of its time. I think the latter applies in this case.

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Doctor Isotope (2015)


For the last several years, the collectors club has been peppering their exclusive twelve inch figure releases with.a sort of expanded universe of Adventure Team era characters. I’ve found the new ideas intriguing, particularly from the standpoint of a small Joe collector who’s not been entirely thrilled of late with the club’s past extensions of the Real American Hero mythos.

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Hear This! Read This!


Ya gotta love the days of comic book ads. Heck, ya gotta love the days of comic books–well, when they were made for kids. But enough of me being a grumpy old man, check out this ginchy Joe ad from 1966. The season was set for a blitz of Christmas season ads, and again the GI Joe club was front

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Iceberg (1997)


I initially had a bit of trouble deciding which of the 1997 figure multi-packs to pick up. Having seen preliminary photos in Tomarts and Previews, I was excited to have the chance to pick up new versions of classic molds. What ended up on shelves not only differed in terms of paint jobs, but molds as well. The arctic team

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