Yeti Bio


Bet you didn’t know the Yeti had a bio. Okay, so it’s not the actual mythical creature. This does however make me want to track down old episodes of In Search Of. The American Defense line from Remco went bat excrement crazy after starting out as a bunch of me-too copies of concepts made popular by GI Joe. The amount

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Barracuda (1992)


“If the real thing don’t do the trick, no You better make up something quick You gonna burn, burn, burn, burn, burn it to the wick Oooo, Barracuda” Such were the words of rocking sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson. What’s it got to do with a GI Joe vehicle? Nothing other than the title, plus I love the intro riff

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Q-Force Stingray and Shark


The packaging differences between 80s GI Joe and his overseas cousin, Action Man (or Action force) are striking. Ever since I first discovered the series in the pages of Tomart’s Actvion Figure Digest way back when, I’ve been fascinated with it. Thanks to the incredible work of the Blood for the Baron site, we’ve all the information we can handle

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Red Spot TCG Card


Are trading card games still a thing? I can’t be bothered to check. Regardless, I never got into them, although I have admired them from afar. I’ve mainly been drawn to the art on most games, and in the case of the first Yu-Gi-Oh! cartoon–ridiculous voice acting. I’ve always found Red Spot to be an interesting figure for its time.

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Manta-Ray (1994)


Talk about going out with a bang! Can you believe that the best GI Joe water vehicle (well, actually only second to the WHALE) was released in the last year of the Real American Hero series? What more could you want in a sea-going vessel than a real inflatable feature? The Manta-Ray actually floats on water, provided you can manage

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Random Repost: Cyber Ninja


Things are getting pretty busy around JAD HQ, and lately I find my time short to gather more pics for reviews at the moment. We’re gearing up for Will’s 6th birthday party! Hard to believe he’s six!. Also hard to believe that JAD is just one year younger than him (I need to celebrate that sometime too!) So yeah, it’s

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Hooded Cobra Commander File Card


In the Power of Packaging feature, we take a look at the paintings and other marketing images that have enticed us to pick up GI Joes from the shelves over the years. In the 80s, the Joes we loved weren’t always available in stores. Some of the most special figures to me were the mail-away exclusives, which were either released

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