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Oct 30

The 5 Coolest Vintage GI Joe Costumes

The Shield

Every year around this time, stores of all types set up their Halloween displays, and one standby within them are costumes. It’s an amazing thing to think about, actually. As time has passed, and  the old five and dime stores gave way to retail chains, the seasonal Halloween section has somehow survived. I find this …

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Oct 29

Return of the Monstro-Vipers!

What better monster to cover on Halloweek than…a mega monster? And a Pay-Doh flinging one at that? It’s the Monstro-Viper!

Oct 28

Crystal Ball’s Revenge!

Crystal Ball (1987)

Some toys are I think unfairly ridiculed. I’ve always been a fan of the underdog and the misfit, and GI Joe has had its share of goofballs and weirdos. I dig them all. I really dig Crystal Ball. As a horror fan, how could I not? He looks straight out of Hollywood’s version of Transylvania. …

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Oct 27

Toxo-Zombie Returns!


For me, zombies just don’t hold the same sway that the classic monsters command. Guys like Dracula, the Frankenstein Monster, the Mummy, and Creature from the Black Lagoon are true personalities. Each has either a compelling backstory, or a driving purpose to them. Zombies work well as nameless horde type of threat, but there’s only …

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Oct 27

Introducing Halloweek 2014

Fall is such an amazing time in my little corner of the world. The leaves are changing into the most amazing shades of reds, yellows, and oranges. There’s that perfect time of the year when the changed leaves just start to fall, and the temperatures get a bit cooler, the sun goes down a little …

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Oct 26

Grunt (1997)

Grunt (1997)

Ever get a new shirt that you really like, and can’t wait to wear it somewhere friends and family can see, and hopefully tell you how much they like it too? If that was Grunt in 1997, he’s probably still waiting for his shirt compliments. He’ll probably be waiting another seventeen years. After his pants …

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Oct 25

Tele-Viper (2014 Kre-O)

Tele-Viper (2014)

As the GI Joe Kre-O series goes on, it seems that more and more of the blind bag figures get really interesting multi-part builds as an element of their accessory complement. The Tele-Viper’s backpack and scanner make good use of some small parts to suggest the original equipment fairly well. That’s some of the beauty …

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Oct 24

Kre-O Serpent Armor and RAM

Serpent Armor and RAM

by KansasBrawler From the original SNAKE to the Joe Armor-Bot to the Deviant and Steel Marauader, battle mechs have always shown up in the Joe line, and I’m absolutely fine with that. I’ve always thought that they were a cool concept and it fit well with the Joe line’s slightly futuristic military vibe. Considering how …

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Oct 23

Captivating Cover – Operation: Tiger Strike

Tiger Strike

Ninjas and tigers in the jungle–how much cooler could a book cover get? Not much, unless maybe Snake Eyes was riding a shark. And how’s this for artistic license? Check out both Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes. Both appear quite different from their toy, packaging, cartoon and comic book iterations of the time. Snake Eyes’ …

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Oct 22

Zartan (2003 Collectors’ Club)

Zartan (2003)

I love clear plastic toys. I can’t really explain it, other than to say there’s some intrinsic coolness to the look. Along with chromed parts or a light-up feature, if I see a toy made of the wondrous material, I’ll probably buy it. My fascination with the stuff probably stems from a purchase of Remco’s …

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