Animated SHARCs


Continuing from yesterday’s post about the SHARC box art, we present a comparison of the proto-SHARC from the MASS Device mini-series and the more on-model version seen in later episodes of the animated series. I find the early model to be an interesting variation of the more recognizable craft. It was also set up as a two-seater. Convenient! 

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The SHARC was one of my childhood favorites, due in no small part to the fact that it was a water vehicle. Between the SHARC and Water Mocassin, I was busy playing out Joe and Cobra battles in the pool. The summer of ’84 was legendary! Once again, the art sold the product to me. Not that the toy needed

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Revenge of the Spy Shark


Following up with yesterday’s post, I thought I’d just go whole hog with the Shark Week concept for this week. Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water… The Adventure Team series was a perfect opportunity to pit the Joes against the forces of nature, and what more deadly a force lurks in the oceans

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Eels Redux

Things are a mite busy here at the JAD HQ (hence the missed post yesterday). Nothing super heavy is going on, just everyday life being what it is. Tonight we’ll have a rerun, inspired by the fact that Shark Week is upon us again. Take a trip back to 1992 and enjoy the Eels and his robotic partner.

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A.V.A.C. (2008)


I always wondered just what the acronym AVAC stood for. I didn’t notice anything referring to its meaning until the release of this figure in the first lineup of 25th anniversary vehicles. Air Viper, Advanced Class is referenced on the newer file card, and that makes perfect sense in light of the original figure’s file card. It referred to the

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