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Puma (2015 CORPS! Elite)


Having covered Lanard’s offerings from time to time on the blog, I’ve remarked about the modern CORPS! figures and my feelings about their look and function. Since the early 2000s, they’ve been constructed in the same fashion as Hasbro’s new millennium GI Joe relaunch. While I’ve missed the o-ring in both cases, I’ve come to appreciate what Lanard has been

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Dial-Tone (GI Joe Collectors’ Club)


By KansasBrawler The Collectors’ Club’s first foray into modern-style construction came in the form of Dial-Tone, arguably one of the most popular characters that somehow managed to avoid getting updated during the 25th Anniversary line. (Sorry, I don’t count the Crimson Strike Team set since there really wasn’t much done in terms of having to create characters whole cloth—they either

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Ace (1998)


Sometimes toys are great, when a concept and execution come together to produce a toy that lives on beyond its original purpose. In the 80s and 90s GI Joe lines, there have been more than a handful of them. As vehicles go, the GI Joe Skystriker stands out among its peers as a classic. Alongside the Star Wars X-Wing, it

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Recondo (2004)


The saga of the interchangeable Recondo and Clutch (or Double Clutch, as he was known for a while) in the early 2000s can be a confusing thing. In 2003, the same mold represented these two very different characters. Not an odd thing in the GI Joe world, considering that mold re-use has been pretty common since the days of the

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