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Dec 21

Custom Skymate by Skymate


Joe A Day reader and frequent commenter Skymate recently sent in a Christmas care package that included two cool custom figures. One of them was a modern interpretation of his moniker. Skymate is one of those 90s Joe figures that doesn’t get much thought in comparison to other figures. Part of the Air Commandos pilots, …

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Dec 20

Kre-O Terrordrome Build – Part 1


The Kre-O Terrordrome is such an impressive set that I figured we should make a video, and document the build in some way. Here’s the first part, with guest reviewer Will. Stay tuned for part two coming soon…      

Dec 19

Zombie Initiative Ozone

Zombie Initiative Ozone

by KansasBrawler I realize the original Eco-Warriors subteam gets a lot of well-deserved criticism for both its inception (trying to jump on the popularity of environmentalism in the 90s) and its gimmick (water-triggered color-change plastic). However, the one thing I loved about the original subset was that it was mostly new characters. By 1991, we …

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Dec 17

Ninja Force Placemat

GI Joe Placemat - Ninja Force

Have you ever eaten breakfast with a cadre of ninjas? I have, thanks to this amazing placemat. And while I wait for my Eggo waffles to pop out of the toaster, I can work with some fun games on the back. It’s like an activity book on my kitchen table, and therefore the best of …

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Dec 16

American Defense Available Now! Only at K-Mart!

American Defense Ad

Hey kids, tell mom and dad to run you down to the local K-Mart (you know every neighborhood has at least one or two) and grab the latest American Defense figures by Remco! They play with ALL 3 & 3/4 inch soldiers! Choose from pilots, infantry, flamethrowers, karate and ninja fighters, even guys who vaguely …

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Dec 15

Spirit Iron-Knife (2008)

Spirit (2008)

I’ll admit that I was one of many who began to compile a wish list of figures once the 25th anniversary line appeared to be successful enough to continue beyond a couple of assortments. High on that list were the 1983 offerings, and the nostalgic feelings that they spurred. After all, what 80s kid wouldn’t …

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Dec 14

The Power of Packaging: Siglo XXX

Packaging sells toys, doesn’t it? We’re starting a new little feature that focuses purely on the packaging side of things. It’s The Power of Packaging. Like the other aspects of the brand that have been covered here at JAD, expect the unexpected. My tastes are always a bit eclectic. GI Joe has had a long …

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Dec 14

Crimson Guard Desert Infantry (2008)

Crimson Guard Desert Infantry (2008)

When the Extreme Conditions sets were released, I waited quite a while before pulling the trigger on a purchase. At the time, I was in full-on completist mode, buying every variant and store exclusive set available. By the time the first movie hit, I was much more choosy about what I did and didn’t buy. …

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Dec 12

Zombie Initiative Flint

by KansasBrawler I’m KansasBrawler and I’ve professed my love for Flint a few times already on this blog, however, I have a different confession to make this time. I never owned (and honestly hated) the 1991 Eco-Warriors Flint. I don’t know why, but it was the one Flint figure I could never get behind. I …

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Dec 11

Activity Time: Connect the Dots!


What is that weird looking thing? Connect the dots and find out! Something tells me it might have some bright orange bits…

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