Assembly Required 2014

I was graciously invited to have a table at Code Name Iowa’s Assembly Required this year. The show was, once again, an amazing collector and kid friendly experience, with the same sort of incredible design work to its printed material and fun kid-centered activities that have made it such a blast in the past. Mrs. Joe A Day came out to help at the table, and we had a great time talking to folks about GI Joe and Joe A Day.

The dealer room was full of some excellent Joe wares, and I even picked up a few items that will be subjects of future blog posts very soon. Panels were informative, featuring groups from Joecustoms and Joe Declassified. GI Joe costume group The Finest were also on hand to take pics and show off their costumes. There were also custom contests, and a ton of Code Name Iowa merchandise, including four 50th anniversary GI Joe prints to purchase. The day culminated in a large number of giveaways, including a 2014 JoeCon boxed set.

We were fortunate to have a table next to special guest GI Joe artist Ron Wagner. Ron is an amazing professional and a fun guy to talk to.  It was also good fun chatting with several readers who stopped by to say hi and were able to pick up some JAD swag.

Again, big thanks to Code Name Iowa’s Brian and Steve for inviting this little ol’ blog to be part of their show.  I hope to be able to do all it again in 2015. But enough of my yakkin’, check out the pics:



  • Great to see Murry on one of those pamphlets.
    The chances of me ever making it overseas to see something like that are pretty slim. To further rub salt into the wound, the collectables fair i try to make it to once a year is now cancelled due to a scam the manager was involved in.

  • Great pics! Sounds like you are having an fun time. Your display is very professional awesome,

  • Ron Wagner was a guest at our local two day comic convention in Minneapolis last spring. Great guy.

    I really should try to make it to this show some time, especially since it’s just a few hours away. Sounds like a good time.

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