Amphibious Recoil Vehicle (Lanard CORPS!)

Lanard’s CORPS! line has been prolific in its selection of vehicles. If you need to beef up your land, sea or air forces on the cheap, it’s a go-to source. From jeeps to transports and tanks, the series’ armor has had its share or unique offerings.

The Amphibious Recoil Vehicle (what a colorful name) is a fighting vehicle along the lines of the Bradley, albeit with an oversized pulsating cannon atop. While not as large as the Joes’ APC, it has plenty of access to the interior. The scale being what it is, you need to sit the troops in the back, and the rear hatch calls for some serious ducking to exit the vehicle.

My favorite feature is the pulsating cannon. This thing really works well, and has a lot of force, along with lights. It’s like Sound Attack on a triple dose of Plastic Growth Hormone.


  • Never owned any version of this. It always looked too small, and these picture reinforce that.

  • It’s a pretty good representation of an Marine AAV (“Amtrack”), but it’s small indeed. Nice work by Lanard for making it open up so much; that makes for a fun toy. And that cannon looks outta control!

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