American Skyforce Talking Commando (M- P.A.C.T.)

Talking figures were a big deal in the early 90s. Not only did the Joes venture into this territory, but the knock-off market did as well. Toymax’s M-PACT line was heavy presence on toy shelves at stores like K-Mart and other discount retailers. Over the years, I’ve come across the figures’ accessories in random Joe lots, but hadn’t found any of the figures until I got a care package of Sgt. Rock and others via Flag Points Dave.

Searches online haven’t produced much as far as who exactly this guy is. The best I’ve come up with is a desert themed set from around the time of the first Iraq war. Many of the knockoff lines repainted their 80s molds to capitalize on the whole patriotism thing.

How best to describe this guy? He’s an armored desert gas mask trooper with a sci-fi edge. The mish-mash of gear reminds me of a nameless thug from an 80s Italian Mad Max rip-off. I have several M-PACT backpacks somewhere in my parts bins, but I haven’t been able to dredge them up. They’re not too intrusive as these things go, certainly not as ungainly as the Joe packs. Someday I’ll have to find them and replace the batteries to see what they say.


  • That is a weird looking dude. Kinda cool, though, and a talking backpack on a knock-off is interesting. I’d figure they just had the typical machine gun/laser/bomb/explosion sounds.

  • What is the collector world’s term for this kinda crotch? Bum looks like a sandy diaper…love these oddities like Toy Galaxy does…thanks very big!

  • This guy actually looks really nice other than maybe the head sculpt. Too bad about the T-crotch.

  • These were also sold under the name Adventure Man, where these figures could be found even until the early 2000’s at odd drug stores.

    IIRC, they were also used for the last year(s) of K-Mart’s American Defense label in the 90’s.

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