Alvin “Breaker” Kibbey (2005)

Breaker. He’s one of the original thirteen 80s Joes who have gotten rereleases over the years, but not a redesign. He’s been in comic packs as both an o-ring and modern style figure, and he’s had a place in the Stars and Stripes set back in 1997. Okay, okay I take back the lack of a redesign statement, since the S & S version was a different look for him. What am I saying, that fugly figure doesn’t even count. Heck, it barely counts as a GI Joe. Don’t believe me? Go check it out.

Breaker is also a character whose appearance varied from the Hasbro figure to the Marvel comic to the Sunbow cartoon. The toy was bearded, and outfitted in the short sleeve version of the basic green 1982 uniform. The comic Breaker was clean shaven, and always seemed to be chewing gum. He was also frequently dressed in the long sleeve uniform of the comic, along with the red collar prevalent in early issues. The Sunbow version was also a bit different, and although he was bearded, he wasn’t wearing the same sort of year one webgear.

This figure, part of a DTC comic three pack, follows the comic design fairly closely, albeit without Breaker’s most important accessory, his headset. Instead, he’s been given a black Firefly field phone. I hate to get all fanboyish here, but that is such a lame substitution. With all the other accessories, and even 80s figure parts that were totally retooled during the era, would it have broken Hasbro’s bank to remake the classic headset and backpack for this version? In just a few years, a modern era version at least got a headset. Bummer.

As much as the o-ring comic packs lacked in the little details, I still find something to like about them. Maybe it’s the bright comic style color. I liked the style so much that I stocked up on Breaker’s pack of figures as part of a plan to make customs of as many of the original thirteen Joes as possible. Consequently, I have a veritable army of skiing Scarletts and clear popsicle blue hologram Cobra Commanders floating about in my parts bins.


  • He could easily be mistaken for someone else like Grunt or Hawk. A pity he wasnt made a bit more specific. As for the phone it was 1982 [going by the comics these guys came with] and that phone was cutting edge technology. All it needs is a suitcase size charger unit.

  • The head sculpt, hair color, and facial expression remind me more of Grunt than anyone else. He works way better that way than the undercover version.

  • I plan to get an extra in order to swap out his torso/waist/legs with Zap and his arms with those of the Comic Pack Classified, then give him the helmet from the 2008 Grunt and stick a Spy Troops Tele-Viper microphone into one of the holes. What do you guys think?

    Also, Rob, if you’re looking to unload one of those Scarletts, let me know.

  • Lest we not forget, in the discussion of Breaker’s different appearances from toy to cartoon to comic, that although the toy was bearded, the package art the toy came in was clean-shaven.

    Of course, he mysteriously took on his cartoon appearance in the comic the issue he was killed. Poor guy.

  • I love this figure! In my collection,he’s Grunt. Rob,I could also use a Blue Hologram Cobra Commander,I’m sure we can make out a deal/ My email

  • @Captainswift
    Guess the S.A.W viper is the reason why there were only 2 versions of Breaker in the ARAH toyline. By the way, loving your show

  • I just can’t get into this figure. It could have been decent but it was really a lame figure with terrible accessories.

  • Yeah, I really ate up those Comic Pack figures, but a Breaker without a headset, was just kind of lame. Add in a funky Cobra Commander (though I do love translucent figures, I just couldn’t get past the fact that I already bought that Cobra Commander once in a comic pack and even then found it unimpressive) and a superflous Scarlett less than a year after her first Comic Pack experience (sorry, I’ve never been a really big fan of her original look) and that set turned into a big pass for me.

  • Just add the headset from a v1 Breaker to this guy and bingo!

  • That particular headset is a bit big for him. That’s why I came up with the idea of sticking a Spy Troops Tele-Viper microphone in the 2008 Senior Ranking Officers pack Grunt’s helmet.

  • @skymate: thanks very much. I’m enjoying making it.

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