Altitude (1990)

Rounding out the wonderful Sky Patrol sub-group is Altitude, the team’s recon scout. There are other GI Joes with a focus on recon, but Altitude must be the most unique. Possessing a photographic memory and excellent artistic abilities, he combines the two to create detailed drawings of his reconnaissance targets.

Like other Sky Patrol members, Altitude possesses a very unique weapon. A combination pistol and missile launcher, it wouldn’t make another appearance after this. The same goes for the helmet, which is similar to the others with a solid colored visor. Altitude’s card art is also somewhat unique, depicting other characters, presumably other Sly Patrol teammates, in the background.

Though repaints can become tiresome, the Sky Patrol set makes some of the best reuse of old parts. The repainted driver bodies, with additional new heads, helmets and weapons added up to my favorite GI Joe sub-team.


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