Yesterday I covered a modern interpretation of a classic Cobra trooper, one that wasn’t a direct copy of an old figure into the modern aesthetic. Today’s figure goes a different route towards remaking something that came before.

The Alley Viper of 1989 was an odd duck, to say the least. Not a bad figure, just incredibly outside of the norm for the established look of Cobra troops. When the 25th anniversary series came along, its primary reason to be seemed as a tribute line; to make highly detailed and more articulated versions of Joe toys of the past. The Defense of Cobra Island Alley Viper was one of the best executed of this concept.

The Pursuit of Cobra line answered many fans’ wishes when it repainted the orange and blue modern version of the urban attack trooper in a more subdued color scheme. It makes for a more believeable figure, but thankfully also doesn’t throw out the wierd elements that made the figure fun and unique in the first place.

There’s just enough red to give it some interesting color, and those funky stripes add a touch of unexplained oddness. It’s road stripe camo! Makes perfect sense for an urban trooper. Like many Pursuit of Cobra figures, there’s a ton of accessories. If you’re not a fan of suspending your disbelief of a helmet visor that’s not clear and doesn’t have an opening to see through, there’s a more traditional helmet included as well.

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