Airborne (1990 Sky Patrol)

Oops–it happens. That’s about all I can say to continuity sticklers who may not like the fact that Hasbro gave two different characters the same code name. With a line made up of hundreds of Joes and Cobras, there’s bound to be a screw up here and there. Don’t be too harsh about the name business. Heck, you can call this or any other figure any name you want. As I’ve said before, if you take this stuff too seriously, you’ll go nuts. Heck, you can give the guy another name, like Terminal Velocity, Sgt. Chute, or even Goofus VonDrakeSnot. See that–nothing happened. A hole wasn’t rent in the fabric of space because I changed an official character name. Kids do it all the time. My two year old son calls every GI Joe figure “guy”.

Regardless of his name issues, Airborne is another incredibly effective Sky Patrol figure. Like his teammates, he incorporates a new head with a reused driver mold, this time Lift Ticket. The paint scheme is simple and unified, without being too plain. The new head has a rather grouchy countenance, much like teammate Skydive. A unique helmet completes the look. Airborne is carrying a fairly huge rifle that looks like a souped up M-16. The handle is so large, I get a little nervous that his thumb will break off. Yikes!


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