Agent Mouse (2013)

Finally, we get an action figure version of one of the unproduced Sgt. Savage characters. I’ve been waiting seventeen years for a Mouse figure to display alongside the Sarge, D-Day and the others. I’m just so jazzed about this…wait, what? This is a character named Mouse from GI Joe: Retaliation? Oops.

It’s good to see parts of last year’s very cool GI Joe Trooper showing up again. There are some great mix and match possibilities within this new movie line so far, and I find that exciting, particularly in light of the less movable fighting men that drive the latest vehicles. All of them are in need of a body swap, and figures like this one can readily be donors, at least for the Joes.

The weapon colors are quite odd, though Snake Eyes from the same pack also has some strangely decorated parts as well. Maybe it’s an appeal to the kid market. The weird hues sort of remind me of the unusual coloring of the 80s accessory packs. Remember the powder blue rifles? I may not be up on modern military, and correct me if I’m wrong, but is that a bike helmet he’s wearing?

There’s another action backpack, this time with a climbing action that can ratchet down and attach to a tabletop. The figure then slides up and down the line, or just hangs out in space. Again, the gimmick brings to mind the old Sky Commanders toys, especially the funky bright orange of the harness. The harness really only fits well if the figure’s body armor is removed, which kind of takes away from its look, but hey, it’s still fun to run him up and down the line on the kitchen table. It is for me, at least.

Mouse looks generic enough to be almost a background character, and I wonder how big of a role he has, since he didn’t warrant a single pack figure. Maybe he’s part of a big dance battle between the Joes and Cobra. Guess we’ll find out in a few weeks.


  • I do wonder why they used the name of an obscure and toy-less character from a series that was short-lived…..

  • I was really pretty glad to find this guy. That pack was kind of a treasure trove of unreleased (at least until recently–between Data Viper getting an official release and the Club using the unreleased Law alternate head it’s stuff that’s seeing the market now, but when it was originally put together, it was the only way to get those really good parts) tooling. Honestly, I hope we see the Mouse arms (which judging by the concept case at JoeCon last year were originally for an “ultimate” version of the non-movie Flint) more as we finally have a decent looking pair of arms with 3/4 sleeves and good wrists. Plus, I think the head sculpt does a pretty good job of capturing the character’s likeness. While I haven’t seen any promo shots of Mouse, he’s played by the child actor who was Tim in the first Jurassic Park and I can definitely see a grown-up version of that face here. My only gripe is that the hands aren’t great for holding his particular kit of weapons.

  • Somehow he looks “off” and for the life of me all I can think of is it seems to be the height for this particular actor. The figure seems out of scale in terms of height to the others. Joseph Mazzello is 5’9″, and the relative scale of the figure puts him in the 6′ range of Bruce Willis, maybe even a bit taller.

  • Steven B. Williams

    Yes, that’s a bike helmet (though I rather think of it as a skateboarder’s helmet; hey, Mouse is a skate rat! ;P ). While I don’t dig the color of his weapons, atleast the plastic isn’t flimsy like the plastic used for the G.I. Joe Trooper’s weapons. If Mouse had a more militaristic helmet, dark grey plating on the vest (instead of blue), and black/dark grey weapons, this would be a virtually perfect figure.

    I know it’s a long shot, but I hope we get to see the head get used again.

  • His helmet reimds me of Skycreeper

  • The helmet is a modern military helmet called a Bravo.

  • Yeah, I agree on the height issue as well. When I first pulled him out of the package, he just felt a little too tall. I’d forgotten about that minor gripe until you brought it up.

  • Yes, it’s made by Pro-Tec. A sort of updated version of the old half-head design (now marketed as “The Classic”) that you see the Delta Force soldiers wearing in Black Hawk Down.

  • Yeah, Mouse as an action figure should be shorter than the Wave 2 Snake Eyes, not visibly taller.

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