Agent Courtney “Cover Girl” Krieger (2006)

Despite being a relatively popular character and making frequent comic appearances, Cover Girl only received two figures (23 years apart) in the course of the GI Joe non-movie lines. I’d rather not mention the straight up fugly movie version.

Released as part of a fans’ choice comic pack that also included Devil’s Due versions of Spirit and Serpentor clone Hannibal, Cover Girl was a welcome addition to the Joe ranks. Coming at the end of the “new sculpt” era, the figure incorporates new construction that would later see use in the 25th anniverssary line and continue through to the current lines. Because of this, the figure actually works quite well alongside the later modern figures, more so than other 2002-2006 releases. Modeling a female face has always been a hit-or-miss affair throughout the history of the Joe line. The sculpt here is rather plain, and doesn’t convey the stunning beauty that gave Cover Girl her namesake.

The separately molded and removable jacket was not quite the improvement of the 2th anniversary and modern line’s webgear, but was certainly a step in the right direction for Joe figure design. The untucked shirt under the jacket is the most unique aspect of the sculpt, as I can’t recall seeing this effect on a Joe figure before.


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