DIC Syndication Promo

Attendees of this year’s final JoeCon had a chance to pick up a USB drive chock full of Joe-related pics, video and other information courtesy of Joe Declassified. While perusing the content, I couldn’t help but get excited over this DIC animation promo. Not only because I’m an unabashed fan of the DIC ‘toon, but also because the promo was

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Razorclaw (2004)

You’ll have to try very hard to avoid a Wolverine comparison when it comes to Razorclaw. From his masked, dour visage to his retractable claws to his berserker personality, the guy is the most Logan-y of all Cobras. Heck, his helmet/mask even has built-in mutton chops. Razorclaw was part of the Valor vs. Venom series, and as such his background

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