Military One

By Past Nastification A few military themed toylines, such as Remco’s Sgt. Rock and Mego’s Eagle Force arrived just ahead of GI Joe A Real American Hero. Another toyline arriving in 1982 alongside or immediately after GI Joe was Porto Play’s Military One line. Working under the assumption that a toyline would take a year to go from first inspiration

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Night Force Cross Hair (2003)

When I look at some of the new sculpt era figures in relation to where the small Joe figure style would go, I can see something of a progression. Now hear me out before you grab your torches and pitchforks.  Although it wasn’t the first Joe line to feature it, the use of removable belts, holsters and other flexible gear

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Shogun Warriors Colorforms Production Art

Here at Shogun Daily, we like to peek into the behind the scenes of our favorite toy line from time to time. Like other popular properties from the 70s, the series generated licensed items beyond toys. Courtesy of auction house Hake’s, we get a look at some production samples for a Colorforms set. We get the big three, plus the

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