2017 Lanard Warehouse Sale

Hard to believe it’s that time of the year, when the holiday rolls around and the local Lanard warehouse opens its doors to the public. This year featured the usual treasure trove of CORPS! figures and vehicles, although some past oddities were markedly absent. No Space Cowboys, STAR Force, or any o-ring figures for that matter. I expected to find the Beast Bomber or Rain Fire like last year, or maybe some Kong product, but no dice. The folks did set up a nice display of classic figures (not for sale!)

But enough of my talking, check out the gallery for lots and lots of toys. It’s the most wonderful time of the year!


  • Gilbert h .kinch lll

    Hi my name is gilbert I’ve been looking for the action rescue fire truck for long time I’ve been searching for couple of years can you help me do you have it and how much will it cost

  • Where are these warehouses?? I would love to shop!!

  • Not huge CORPS fan, mainly because I dislike their t-crotch figures they’ve been making for so long now. But seeing all that…and Hasbro doing NOTHING with GI JOE, I gotta give Lanard some credit.

  • Anyone looking for the Beast Bomber, check Ollies, if you live near one. $30. Some are getting the Jurassic Clash/Cyber Kong sets that each include half the CORPS Rock Base set along with a Cyborg ape or T-Rex. IIRC these are $30. I haven’t seen them in person but other people have.

  • I always enjoy this trip every year Rob, thanks for sharing.

  • No O-ring? End of an era. 🙁

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