2013 Lanard Toys Warehouse Sale

This is my third year covering the annual sale held by Lanard Toys, the prolific maker of that most long-lived of GI Joe knockoffs, the CORPS! The local office, situated on the rather quaint main street of the Kansas City suburb Sugar Creek, opens its doors during the Christmas season most every year. Folks have asked what it’s like to visit, so here’s you answer, finally.

In previous years, I’ve posted a simple gallery, but this year I figured I’d up the ante and shoot a little video. I’ve edited out the odd looks from the employees and focused solely on the awesomeness of a building half jam-packed with wanna-be GI Joe toys. It’s like you’re really there! I’ve not left out the traditional pics, however. Check out a gallery below the video. There’s even a shot of some knock-off My Little Ponies for all you Bronies out there.


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