• Funny how some of these figures have different weapons than their actual releases. (And that someone accidentally mislabeled Countdown and Ozone…)

    Coincidentally, I’m watching a little old school sci-fi: 1954’s “GOG”, the third in Ivan Tors’ OSI (Office of Scientific Investigation) trilogy.

  • Duke’s helmet looks like a Devo planter helmet here. And Effects is outgunned 9-to-1 there.

  • Thanks for this one! I recently got the last Star Brigade Cobra figures for my collection and seeing that ad was a great treat. I’ve gained a lot more appreciation for these guys now than when they first came out.

  • My only major complaint about that incarnation of Duke is that his helmet wont do much good in a vacuum.

  • Hey, look! That Effects is wearing GLOVES in SPACE!

    He’s a genius!

  • The last days of Rome…
    But I love Space Shot (Freddie Mercury) and Effects!


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