1987 Sears Canada Christmas Catalog Page

This page has not only some ’86 and ’87 Joe favorites like the Tomahawk and Mobile Command Center, but it’s also got a rarity of non-Joe product. I don’t recall coming across too much Lanard material in the 80s catalogs I’ve seen. This one shows a couple of vehicles from the Gung Ho branded line. The amazing thing about these two molds is the fact that they continued to be produced into the 2000s. Imagine if Hasbro had been able to keep up the same thing with GI Joe. Well, I guess they have to some extent.

In the “holy crap, they couldn’t sell that today” category, we’ve also got a lovely role-play AK-47 on this page. And no orange tip, either. Damn, I miss the 80s.



  • Didn’t they still sell that Lanard tank in the video of the warehouse sale the other day?! I have a couple of the Dragon force Chuck Norris knockoffs and I can remember getting all the original Gung-Ho line for CHRIStmas that year–got love those cheap Lanard prices. Man that Joe ad is pure eighties goodness!

  • Those Dragon Force figures also work well with The Karate Kid.

    That boat looks pretty fun to me. The late eighties to the early nineties is when you start seeing a lot more CORPS stuff showing up in the Christmas catalogs. I remember they used to have twenty or thirty figure sets each year in the JC Penney catalog.

  • The toy AK-47 brings back memories. My friends and I played with guns all the time. We ran all over the neighborhood, through people’s front and back yards carrying very real looking pistols and other weapons. I used to go buy candy at the local drugstore with a plastic holster carrying a pistol on my chest, under a vest. Doing that today would mobilize the SWAT team and maybe Homeland Security.

    • Some older guy I used to work with said that when they were teens, what happened to him and a friend when they had bb guns and went to a McDonalds, ordered and then went to the restroom. When they came out, cops were surrounding the place! They got arrested and taken to the station and some cop told him that if it had been up to him, he’d have shot them. “For carrying a bb gun?”, my buddy asked. The cop then showed him a room full of real guns and said “They wouldn’t have found a bb gun on you.”

  • I had that AK-47! And about 50 other toy guns. Nowadays, I would have been put on a list or something.

  • ”The G.I.Joe /Cobra vehicles, were pretty much what kids went after , in the 1980’s.Amazing that only the Tomahawk, and the H.A.V.O.C. are the only two 1986 vehicles listed, and not the 1986 Cobra Night Raven s3p, and the G.I.Joe Conquest X-30?”

  • The GIJoe diorama isn’t particularly overdone, but it does look fun! They broke the cannon on the Maggot, though. That Dragon Force buggy with “snap-on knives” sounds intense!

  • Great pic – love the MCC. Sci-Fi looks like he’s body popping!

  • Awesome!!!!!!!!!!! I just want to play and sort of getting excited for Christmas past!

  • I really like that little Gung-Ho boat. It has a real world military look to it.

  • Fridge manning the command chair! Welcoming Thraser to use the med bed! LOL

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